ShipFast: Your Fast Track to Full-Stack Web Mastery!

Become a full-stack web developer with a fully featured production-ready stack that's also a practical course in full-stack web dev and is not overwhelming.

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Deploy faster

Everything you need to deploy your app

ShipFast helps you become a full-stack web dev by giving you with all the tools and knowledge you need. It also gives you external services with generous free tiers so you don't have to worry about payments until you're profitable.

Complete production-ready stack

ShipFast is a Remix Stack: a pre-built, fully featured, production-ready full-stack web app template. It comes with all the tools and configurations you need to build your startup and it collapses 40+ hours of tool and external API integration down to 5 minutes, so you can hit the ground running building your next big thing.

Practical full-stack web dev course

ShipFast is also a pratical course in full-stack web development. Instead of trying to teach you every aspect of full-stack web dev in isolation, ShipFast shows you how everything works, how it ties together, and gives you real-world experience with clear documentation, explanations and videos of the concepts behind the code.

Not overwhelming

You don't have to know everything to start building. ShipFast gets out of your way. Don't know how something works? No problem, it's fully operational. If and when you decide to learn about it, just read the docs and you'll be good to go. Also, all external services come with generous free tiers, so you don't have to worry about subscription fees until you're profitable.

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A Tale of a Developer

You come up with what seems like a great idea for a startup. You sleep on it and it still sounds good, so you come up with a nice domain name and buy it. You’re excited to start building!

But before you do, you need to decide on a framework. You spend 1 hour looking at what most people are using and decide on NextJS. It’s well supported, lots of people use it, has good docs.

You run npx create-next-app@latest, tell it to install TS, ESLint, Tailwind, App Router, a few other configs and get going.

You start by building the public and marketing pages you’ve mocked up, to present your new thing to the world.

But you quickly realize you’re gonna need email marketing. It’s not installed yet, and you know you’ll want to research the best Marketing Email Providers with a generous free tier, so you leave it for after you’re done with the public and marketing pages. It might cost you a few subscribers, but no big deal.

Work, work, work. Ok, the public and marketing pages are done.

A bit of a frustrating and tiring experience because, even though these were mostly static UI components, the UI library you're using is a little too low-level and mixes design and functionality, forcing you to mentally switch context between the two.

But it's done. You're tired but happy! Time to integrate with an Email Marketing Provider.

You spend 4 hours researching the best ones, decide on one with a generous free tier, and spend 1 hour creating a beautiful newsletter component that sends the user’s email address to the backend.

Now that you have the user’s email on the backend you ask yourself if you want single or double opt in. You know you’re less likely to receive spam complaints from users receiving your emails with double opt in.

But it’s more complicated, and you’re tired - and this is just a startup anyway. Single opt in it is.

You go to sleep feeling proud of having finished the public and marketing part of your app.

A new day dawns. You’re feeling motivated to continue building your new project.

But it’s time to think about the hardcore stuff: database, data model, authentication, permissions, user flows, business logic, deployment pipeline 😮‍💨 ufff this is going to take some work... You take a deep breath and get going.

Work, work, work.

Two days have passed. Your went for MongoDB and Mongoose.

The schema is ready to go. Basic authentication with registration and login is working. Time for protected routes, profile page, email and password change flows. Another deep breath... let's go!

Work, work, work.

Two more days have passed.

Authentication is done and you're proud. Registration, login, and email and password changes are working.

There's no Two-Factor Authentication or Single-Sign On, but this is a startup anyway. We'll do that later if it succeeds.

Ok, you're almost ready for the interesting stuff: building the actual app.

But before you do, you need to get this thing online. So you spend 2 more hours researching the best CI/CD techniques and which features each cloud provider offers.

Two more days have passed.

You now have a CI/CD pipeline you're feeling proud of, deploying on Vercel servers. It's quick and easy.

A week has passed since you've started and you're now ready to start building your app.

Finally! With an incredible amount of sustained excitement, you're eager to get started.

You build your app, show it to your users and, incredibly, it succeeds! People actually start using it, amazing! Dreams of profitability start to materialize and it's time to install Analytics. This looks like a no-brainer decision, use what everyone else uses.

So you install Google Analytics. And a cookie banner to comply with GDPR.

You're on a roll, happily pushing new features until...

Uh oh, user activity starts to drop abruptly :/ What the hell's going on? Damn it, you probably have an error that's breaking the app. You spend 2 hours frantically searching for the bug but you can't find it so you need to install a monitoring tool that supports session replay urgently before enough users leave and you have no failed sessions to debug.

Work, work, work. 2 hours later you push a commit with the monitoring tool's code!

There's still a few users left, so you can do a session replay and find the exact sequence of actions that lead to the bug and correct it! Ufff 😮‍💨 crisis averted 😅

You send an apology email to your users and they're happy to see you're responsive.

Would have been better if this bug was caught early, but hey, could have been worse.

The same goes for uptime issues, performance issues, memory leaks, SEO, automated testing, linting, type checking, developer experience and so many other aspects of development that are not directly related to actually building your stuff... And this process is almost the same every. single. time.


Or you could get ✨ ShipFast ✨

It's a boilerplate that comes with all of this stuff already integrated, so you can focus on building your app.

Without ShipFast 👇

  • 1 hour looking at frameworks
  • 3 hours dealing with state management
  • 5 hours to integrate email marketing
  • 2 hours to integrate transactional email
  • 2 hours setting up your db schema
  • 4 hours setting up authentication
  • 1 hour for protected routes
  • 4 hours integrating payments
  • 3 hours creating your CI/CD pipeline
  • 2 hours for DNS records
  • 4 hours on SEO tags
  • 1 hour integrating analytics
  • 1 hour integrating error monitoring
  • 1 hour integrating performance monitoring
  • + ∞ overthinking...
  • = 34+ hours of headaches

With ShipFast 👇

  • Save 1 hour: Remix as the framework of choice
  • Save 3 hours: no need for state management tools with Remix
  • Save 5 hours: Subscribe users with MailerLite
  • Save 2 hours: Send beautiful emails with Resend, built with React Email
  • Save 2 hours: integrated Prisma, SQLite, and LiteFS
  • Save 4 hours: register, login, magic links, 2FA, SSO, and more
  • Save 1 hour: built-in functions to protect routes
  • Save 4 hours: payment integration with Stripe
  • Save 3 hours: complete CI/CD pipeline with
  • Save 2 hours: Guide on proper DNS setup
  • Save 4 hours: All built-in routes are fully SEO-optimized
  • Save 1 hour: ethical analytics with Fathom
  • Save 1 hour: error monitoring with
  • Save 1 hour: performance monitoring with Grafana
  • Save ∞ hours: solid opinions to hit the ground running
  • = 34+ hours saved, zero headaches

Spend your time building your app, not configuring tools and integrating APIs.

The tech stack 🥞

Here's all the tech you get with ShipFast and why it's awesome.

Create Emails

  • Craft beautiful emails with React Email

Send Emails

  • Send transactional emails with Resend
  • DNS setup to avoid spam folder (DKIM, DMARC, SPF in subdomain)
  • Webhook to receive & forward emails

Email Marketing

  • Collect marketing emails with MailerLite (GDPR compliant)
  • DNS setup to avoid spam folder (DKIM, DMARC, SPF in subdomain)
  • Send marketing emails to your subscribers

Time saved: 4 hours

Headaches: none

With React Email, Resend, and MailerLite

Don't like MailerLite? ShipFast is modular. Easily swap out for another Marketing Email Provider.

Hey, it's André 👋

I've built ShipFast to:

  • Save time and focus on what matters: building a business
  • Spend zero time overthinking
  • Avoid headaches (like authentication bugs)
  • Get profitable fast — the more you ship, the more you learn, the more you earn
André Casal


Save hours of repetitive code, ship fast, get profitable!

The killer Remix starter that you've always wanted!


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Get ShipFast

Pay once. Build unlimited projects.

  • Remix boilerplate
  • Transactional and marketing emails
  • Payment integration
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • SEO
  • Styling
  • CD/CI pipeline
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Lifetime updates
  • Discord community
  • ...and much more

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact me on X or by email.

What do I get exactly?
A Remix Stack with all the tools you need to build your startup. From idea to production in 5 minutes.
Can I get a refund?
Yes! If you bought the presale, you can get a refund within 30 days after the launch. If you bought the Starter or Pro tiers, you can get a refund within 30 days after your purchase.
JavaScript or TypeScript
All code is 100% TypeScript.
My tech stack is different, can I still use this?
One of the main points of this stack is that it is opinionated with great defaults, so you do not have to spend time overthinking what tech you need. This means you have to learn the tools you are not yet familiar with. External services are modular though, so you can easily swap out MailerLite for ConvertKit, for example.
Is it a website template?
It comes with all the pages you need to get started, but it is not a template. It comes integrated with andrecasal/ui: an accessible UI library with all the lego pieces you need to build your app.
I can build this myself, why should I buy it?
True. While you are spending time configuring tools and services for your app, others are launching theirs.
How often is the stack updated?
I update the stack regularly with new features and improvements. You will get lifetime updates.
How do I keep up with updates?
When you create a new project with ShipFast, a bunch of code is generated for you. This code is completely yours and there is no way to update it other than making manual changes. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that you can tweak it to fit your specific use cases. But it is a challenge because as ShipFast gets improvements there is no way to get those automatically. You would have to keep up with the commits and update your code manually. This being said, you should not feel compelled to keep up-to-date with the latest ShipFast. If what you are using is working fine for you, then just keep going with it - you will get the latest features every time you launch a new project.
When will ShipFast be ready?
I want to integrate andrecasal/ui into ShipFast because this provides an incredible productivity boost due to design and development decoupling. So I will build most of andrecasal/ui first and then start work on ShipFast. I expect this to be ready within a few weeks.

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